Get involved

There are a number of ways that you could get involved in our projects. We need people to offer their services and talents to help this project grow. We are also keen to extend our team and encourage collaboration with other organisations and people within the community.

  • Volunteer - calling all mentors, youth workers, teachers, community speakers and business owners, we need your help to be able to reach out to the youth either by offering your time, expertise or learning opportunities for young people.

  • Join the team - We are looking for skilled people or anyone who wants to get involved that would be willing to volunteer their time or services and show commitment to helping us develop this project.

  • Showcase black excellence and positive role models - Share a skill, a talent or a positive story or something you are proud of or nominate someone and this will feature on our website and social media channels in a bid to shine a positive light on black people and raise the aspirations of our youth.

  • Advertise your business - If you have a local black owned business and would like to advertise your business with us, please get in touch, and funds received will help us to fund future projects.

  • Young people - We'd love to hear from you! Whether you have a skill or talent to share, would like to engage with or suggest activities or if you have issues or concerns then please get in touch.

  • Donate -We would welcome any donations to help us develop or sustain our projects. You can donate funds to us via FUNDING LINK