Raising Aspirations

All too often when you see black people in the media we are shown in a negative light or we find that our young people look up to the wrong people. We aspire to raise the aspirations of young people within our commnity in the following ways.


We aim to carry out outreach work, talking to young people in the community and offering activities to engage them.

    • We need adults to come forward and help us with outreach and mentoring.

    • We would welcome members of the community who run their own business to offer work experience, learning opportunities or workshops for young people.

    • We'd love to hear from young people, whether you have a skill or talent to share, would like to engage with or suggest activities or if you have issues or concerns then please get in touch.

Showcase local talent and positive role models

In a bid to raise aspirations of our young people we want to show that there is more to life than the limitations society projects onto us. We want to share stories and examples of positive role models within our community, as we know there are many hidden diamonds shining amongst us, so whether you have a special skill or talent, achieved something you are proud of, or you are a positive role model to others, then we'd love to hear and share your story.

Please complete our Contact Us form to share your story and help us inspire future success in others.


We would love to be able to set up our own supplementary school that can offer educational opportunities in areas not available in mainstream education, such as educating young people on financial intelligence, learning about our culture and history in order to enhance their knowledge of self, self love and racial esteem and to raise the aspirations of the next generation.

If there are any teachers, mentors, youth workers, business owners out there that could help us to achieve these goals, please get in touch.