Our Story

After a series of unnecessary violent murders involving young people in the black community of Sheffield, numerous discussions were had within the community and a group of concerned parents decided it was time to take action. The consensus was that we felt a lack of unity, community spirit, social traditions and unity could be contributory factors to the rise in violent crimes amongst young people.

In the 1980's & 90’s Sheffield had a thriving black community located from Firth Park all the way to London Road, City Road and beyond. The youth and wider community had access to a variety of African/Caribbean community centres that provided social interactions, access to extra education, training and employment. They were also importantly an outlet for wider cultural recreation and support, which we believe are essential for the positive development of young black people and a strong black community.

We know that actions speak louder than words and understand that we, as adults, need to lead by example if we truly want to have an impact on the youth and community. The decision was made to form a community organisation with the sole purpose of uniting together as a people.

Our intention is to reunite and rejuvenate the black community in Sheffield and work actively together to bring the spirit of unity back into our community.

How are we funded?

At present we have no funding, but our goal is that this will be funded by ourselves and the community. Historically Black organisations in Sheffield have been heavily reliant upon public funds to sustain them. We would therefore like to consider ways in which we can be become self funded by our community. That is not to say that we wouldn't also welcome public funding but that we don't wish to become too reliant upon that. We want to keep it in the community and have a sense of independence and in order to do this we need to put our own money in the pot and stop expecting handouts.

We will need funds for outreach, community activities, running activities for the youth and general expenses. We will also need funds to hire a space for us to host activities and workshops. Our ultimate longer term goal would be to own a community centre of our own.

We expect to obtain these funds through donations, fund raising, people paying a nominal fee for activities, events or workshops etc and through us building up a community fund that we can tap into for various activities.

Let's build together and grow together...