Health and Wellbeing Services

There are currently a range health and welbeing activities in Sheffield to encourage us to take care of our minds and bodies. Details on how to access these are below.

Adira - ADIRA provide a number of services centered on raising up the voices of the black community in Sheffield and the specific intersections with mental health. They run a mental wellbeing support group for black women as well as training opportunities, a listening service, and mental health awareness events.

Five Two Supplies - provides food donations to local people. You can get in touch with them via their Facebook page or at

Mindful thoughts - Mindful Thoughts is a mental health show for UltraVisionTV that aims to break down the mental health taboos that exist in the Black community, by having those uncomfortable conversations.

SACHMA - Deliver a range of support services, making community-based health and social care more accessible, particularly to those who feel marginalised or who struggle to access mainstream services.