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Who we are

We are a group of local people who remember the days when the black community in Sheffield had a strong sense of togetherness. We remember the community centres like The Hub, Everyone's Centre, Ellesmere and more. We remember the events, activities and the way the community used to come together, like family.

We have therefore come together to reunite and rejuvenate the black community in Sheffield, and work actively together to help tackle some of the issues that we face.


We sought feedback via a Questionnaire sent to members of the black community to find out more about the type of services, activities or resources they would like to access. You can view a summary of responses here. Using this information we identified key areas that we feel we can attempt to address.

We have therefore identified a few start up projects which we hope will be a good starting point towards bringing our community together. Some of these projects have been adapted due to the current covid restrictions and also include aspirational projects that we'd like to offer in the future with your help. We would welcome people from the community to get involved, because as the saying goes.. 'it takes a village to raise a child' so if you would like to help us build something for the community, by the community please get in touch.

In the spirit of unity we are keen to showcase the excellent projects that are already available to the black community in Sheffield by sharing information about local activities, services and support available.

You can view information about these projects below.

Get involved

To get involved with any of our projects or find out more information, please get in touch.